“Perception” offers us a view of a time gone by, where words like telegraph, steam boat, war sailor and barrel were important words. The internet, pizza and cell phone were unknown concepts.
In the period between 1920 and 1970 the Norwegian coast was full of the "DUNK-DUNK" sound of the old boats. The old sailing ships got machines installed, and the head glow engine was the propulsion main power. The roads were still impassable for large trucks, and cargo ships carried everything from food grain to iron ore.
We follow the ship captain Peder Olsen (31) at a time when Norway was established as a country. All the events in "Perception" are a free mix of stories told by many southerners who lived during this time. We meet his wife Synnøve, war sailor Ole, the gypsy boy Aslak and the scary fortuneteller Petra. All surrounded by contemporary cars and boats in a contemporary southern setting. We start in 1949 and jump backward to 1927.

Mari Syrtveit og Jan Berg (subtitles)

Subtitled in Norwegian, English, Dutch, Spanish and German.
Playtime 55 min
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